This website is dedicated to the members of the Luckham family worldwide. My hope in establishing it is that it will become a meeting place for relatives familiar, long lost, and never known. I'd like it to be a place to share the history, stories, family albums and other mementos so that we can know each other and our common history better, as well as discover things we never knew.

This site is filled with material about my immediate relatives and my immediate family members. This is the case simply because it is all the material I have at present. I'm hoping that other Luckham's worldwide will add their own material for all to enjoy.

I have a hand drawn family tree going back to the 1500's. Just as soon as I can find software to post that to the site I will.

Please explore and enjoy this website. If you are a Luckham family member I would like very much to hear from you, and I would like to add your history, family albums, or other materials to the site. Please check for my email address below and at other pages throughout.

John Leonard Luckham (1863-1905),  Adelaid Amelia Martyn Luckham (1869-1953), Thomas Harley Luckham (1901-1971), Lorna Martyn Luckham
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