In January, 1971 I sold my house in San Ramon and my car and put the rest of my belongings in storage. I loaded a backpack and sleeping bag on my little Honda 175 motorcycle and headed for Mexico. Upon returning I spent a couple of months in Berkeley. My father was quite sick and soon passed away. After arranging his affairs, I decided to continue motorcycle touring. I sold the Honda, bought a one way ticket to London and headed across the pond.

In London I bought a Triumph Bonneville set up for touring and began the trip that follwos in these pictures. These are scans from 40 year old slides. I made little effort to clean them up. Some may not be in the correct time sequence. I visited more places than are pictured so I know some slides are misplaced and not included.

_europe71_0001_small.jpg _europe71_0002_small.jpg _europe71_0003_small.jpg _europe71_0004_small.jpg
_europe71_0005_small.jpg _europe71_0006_small.jpg _europe71_0007_small.jpg _europe71_0008_small.jpg
_europe71_0009_small.jpg _europe71_0010_small.jpg _europe71_0011_small.jpg _europe71_0012_small.jpg
_europe71_00130_small.jpg _europe71_0013_small.jpg _europe71_0014_small.jpg _europe71_0015_small.jpg

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