We made an appointment with the county marriage clerk to be married in the garden of the Frank Lloyd Wright Marin Civic Center at 2:30. We didn't tell anyone what we planned to do. As the time neared we called out next door neighbor Angie and told her that we needed to take a couple of pictures of the two of us to send to Pavla's family and asked if she would help. She agreed and came over in a short while. It was clear that she had been working on a project when we interrupted, painting a dresser. We asked if she would mind if we did the pictures up at the civic center. Again she agreed, completely unaware. It wasn't until we were getting out of the Jeep at the civic center and Pavla asked me if I had the papers that Angie realied we were up to something. Too late. Credit our friend Angie for all the nice pictures!

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