Lawrence Harley "Larry" Luckham

    I guess I don't have many pictures of my teenage years. I was not around much for family activities since I worked as many hours as I could get. When I wasn't working I was off with my friends from work. A few of these are of the house my mother bought in the San Fernando Valley in about 1956.

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Ready for School Dance

I never made it to a prom. The only formal school dance I remember going to was one at Reseda High at Christmas in about 1958. I think that was the occasion of this picture of me with my mother just before leaving.

Lull Street House

This was your basic tract house in the 1950's. Three bedrooms, one bath. A carport, no garage. The 1959 Chevrolet in the driveway was new so this is 1958 or 1959.

Lull Street House Inside

The modern style popular in the 1950's

Lull Street Back Yard

Mom sitting on a haybale (where did that come from?) in the back yard.

Back Yard Lull Street

A better picture of Mom and the back of the house.

Larry, Terry & Gerry - Laguna Beach

The summer of 1959 Mom rented a cottage at Laguna Beech for a week. I had to work part of the time so I didn't go down with the rest. But, I drove down for a couple of days with my girlfriend Theryn.

Larry & Theryn - Laguna Beach

What a great looking couple! Being 16 is a big help in that department.

Larry Back Yard Lull Street

This picture was actually taken at the end of 1960 when I was home on a short leave from the Navy just after boot camp.

Back Yark With Mom

Home on leave from the Navy, 1960.