Lawrence Harley "Larry" Luckham

    Everyone has a family photo album full of old photos of people you can't remember or identify. There are probably even some photos of you when you were too young to remember. A really good album will have a series of photos, taken over a period of years that reflect at least what you looked like at various stages of life. The photos here were harvested from various family albums.

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First Picture

Stories always start with..."In the beginning..." I can't swear to it, but I'm told this is me "in the beginning" so to speak.

First Birthday

July 12, 1944 - My first birthday. Don't I look delighted! There are four generations in this picture. My mother Janet Clark Luckham with the flower in her hair. Her mother Jessie Lee Bowman Clark in the left foreground, and Jessie's mother "Nana" Bowman in the background.

My Dad and Brothers

Pretty soon I wasn't the only boy in the house. This picture was taken in front of our neighbor's house in Arcadia, probaably around 1948. From left Larry, Terry, dad Thomas Harley, and Gerry. Over Gerry's head you can just see the nose of our faithful dog Skipper.

Early Love of Tools

I have no idea what I was going to make with a coping saw but the determined look on my face suggests that I was serious about whatever it was. I still collect and use tools. A lot of tools!

Backyard Fishing

The interest in tools extended to using them! The note on the back of this one says, "Simple Simon went a fishing. Larry & Terry. Larry made the little seats with his tool kit." I think I also made the "fishing poles" we are using to fish in the bucket.

Larry & Terry

I'm not sure where this one was taken, or when.

Three steps

The three steps! Larry, Terry & Gerry!

Wagon Train

Life was a whole lot simpler in 1947! No Gameboy, no Nintendo, no electronic diversions at all. More than half a century later the golden blond hair of this picture is becoming decidedly gray

Wagon Train

Not sure if this is the same year as the previous one or not. It's the same wagon anyway.

Janet, Larry, Terry & Gerry

Same backyard but a few years later. That's a birthday cake Mom made for someone on the little folding table. The car in the background is our "new" one. It replaced the 1934 Chevrolet that Dad and I painted yellow with house paint and brushes! Gerry is smiling at the camera this time and Terry is making one of his famous faces.

Larry & Pony

This was taken in our backyard on Jackson Place. There was a guy who came around the neighborhood every year during the Summer walking along with this pony and pushing a cart that contained, among other things, a big Speed Graphic camera. For a price parents would have their young cowboys and girls photographed on the poor pony. The print arrived in the mail weeks later.

School Picture

Everybody in those days had this series of school pictures. There was usually a class picture but what really mattered was the individule portraits. Every kid's parents somehow ended up with a couple of wallet size prints and a whole bunch the size of postage stamps.

School Picture

These were scanned from some of the postage stamp size pictures.

School Picture

I'm guessing that this is about 1954, so maybe the seventh grade.

School Picture

Now we're seeing some style. I'm guessing about 1956, or the ninth grade. Remember, Elvis was all the rage back then.