The Canal Dragon Boat Association
This started one day when I came across these neat boats at Costco for only $12.77. Seemed right to me, so I bought a dozen. The Canal Dragon Fleet was established. Boats were promptly distributed to my neighbors and plans were laid for Sunday afternoon regattas. It's been a great success and thus did not remain a secret. That's fine, we welcome all participants. The major requirement is that you must want to have fun since having fun is compulsory. The local paper gave us a very nice write up. See it below.
Dragon Boats are a sophisticated one design class! You can tell about the class part because of their distinctive smile, not found on any other type of boat! 

If you believe any of the above please contact me immediately to obtain a certain bridge a very good price!

Sunday afternoon is Dragon Boat regatta time. Here competitors maneuver for position at the starting line.
Skipper Gal Bar-Or ducks inside of Skipper David Mott-Shaw just prior to the starting gun.
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